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Douarnenez vendredi 22 avril 2022 / Une expèrience cinèmatographique


lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2021

9no Festival internacional de videoarte de Camaguey (FIVAC)

"Durmientes (le battement de la forêt)"

9no Festival internacional de videoarte de Camaguey (FIVAC)

November 8-10- 2021

Camagüey, CUBA




Magmart: Screen Week

 #videoart news on Magmart: Screen Week: Isabel Pérez del Pulgar | Alterazioni Video: Notes for an Unfinished Park | IMPACT21 – Urgent Translations: On Codes, Images and Realities | 2021 Triennial, Soft Water Hard Stone https://www.magmart.it/news.php


lunes, 18 de octubre de 2021

Miami New Media Festival



The Miami New Media Festival

 The Miami New Media Festival is a multimedia platform held in Miami by Arts Connection Foundation, since 2006. It promotes art through the exploration of new technologies and interactive narratives, such as video art, animation, digital art, and interactive mapping. The festival also presents exhibitions in cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, Italy, France, and Spain. Since its creation, this festival has presented more than 210 artists from 15 countries, 400+ videos, installations, 3D digital art pieces, and performances.

Miami New Media Festival is a public art project, which aims to promote video, film and performance among the wide audience and urban spaces. Miami NMF was founded in 2008, and it would be held every year during October to November in Miami. With various art activities including screening, mapping, audio-visual performance, exhibition and lecture, Miami NMF weaves video arts into urban life and interacts with the audience, enabling a new possibility of public art.

the Miami New Media Festival will present contemporary perspectives on WhatsApp, Google Hang Outs ,Facebook, Skype, YouTube , film, video art, and other time-based art forms: everybody can now connect to the festival official stream and become part of a global community of art lovers!
The daily program will feature artworks from established and emerging artists from all over the world and will follow Miami NMF vision of building a visual bridge between periods of time, various movements, disciplines and innovation.
Contemporary perspectives on filmmaking and other time-based art forms from the last decades are linked withMiami NMF video clip highlights.


Bologna in Lettere

 Bologna in Lettere 10th -BĂBÉL stati di alterazione

Azione 7
International review of poetry and video-art
Mercoledì 27, Giovedì 28 Ottobre dalle 19.30
a cura di
Maria Korporal, Enzo Campi
Sibi Sekar (India), Mercoledì 27 ore 20.00
Rrose Present (Spagna), Mercoledì 27 ore 20.30
Kent Tate (Canada), Mercoledì 27 ore 21.30
Isabel Peréz del Pulgar (Spagna-Francia), Giovedì 28 ore 20.00
Zachary Rombakis (USA), Giovedì 28 ore 21.00
a cura di
Eugenia Dobrova, Enzo Campi
Andrej Korovin (Russia),
Traduzione Rosa Karataeva, Rosario Soraci, Giovedì 28 ottobre ore 20.30
Victor Rodriguez Nunez (Cuba), Traduzione Gianni Darconza, Mercoledì 27 ore 21.00
a cura di
Anna Maria Curci, Francesca Del Moro
Renzo Favaron, Mercoledì 27 ore 19.30
Ombretta Ciurnelli, Mercoledì 27 ore 22.00
Alfredo Panetta, Giovedì 28 ore 21.30
DOUBLE BIND (lingue a confronto)
a cura di Francesca Del Moro
Amedeo Anelli, Irène Dubœuf (Francia), Giovedì 28 ore 22.00

1st Ukrainian Bienniale of digital and media

 From today until 30 October “Sabor a pólvora” will be presented at 1st Ukrainian Bienniale of digital and media Art. Curated by @lury Lech

The MADATAC Art video program will be taking place October 15 to 30 at the ARTAREA cultural and art complex - Kiev, Ukraine .
Installations, video art, kinetic, VR and NFT exhibits - Digital and Media Art Biennale will be held in Ukraine for the first time
Unique innovative cultural event - the first Ukrainian Digital and Media Art Biennale will take place from October 15 to 30 More than 50 modern works of artists from 15 countries of the world will be presented at 700 m2 of modern media galleryArtarea in Kiev. The program will be complemented by live performances of artists and international conference. Thanks to the support of Український kulʹturnyy fond, the Spanish Embassy in Ukraine and the Spanish Development Agency (AECID), the entrance to all events will be free, subject to an appointment.
From classic to newest installations, video art, kinetic, VR and NFT exhibits - Ukrainian biennale will present progressive digital and media art examples from artists from Spain, France, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, Romania, Iran, Canada , Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Ukraine.
All international and Ukrainian exhibits are united by the main theme of the Biennale - ′′ 30 years of Freedom ". Valery Korshunov (Ukraine) and Yuri Leh Polansky (Spain). The works of Ukrainian artists were selected through an open competition. According to its results, more than 10 exhibits were selected.